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Sequim Wildlife

Wildlife abounds on the Olympic Peninsula and Sequim is certainly no exception. A birder’s paradise, Sequim has both the Dungeness River Audubon Center at Railroad Bridge Park as well as the Dungeness National Wildlife Reserve on and around the Dungeness Spit. Bald Eagles nest locally in the spring and summer and feast on the salmon running up the Dungenness River in the fall. Additionally, resident flocks of Trumpeter Swans can often be seen when driving down Woodcock or Schmuck Roads.

Mother Eagle sitting on nestFather Eagle watching from perch.Our wildlife is precious to us and locals go to great lengths to protect and accommodate it. Building was even halted on a home near the Priest Rd. “Bald Eagle Tree” so that the nesting mother would not be disturbed by the construction. A local herd of Elk crosses the two-lane Highway 101 on an almost daily basis as they travel from the foothills on the south side of the highway to the grazing fields on the north side of the highway. As a protective measure, some members of the herd have been equipped with radio transmitters which activate flashing lights on the “Elk Crossing” signs along the highway.